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Belle and Sebastian

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Belle and Sebastian are managed by John Williamson PITCHFORK: “The album (Write About Love) includes some of their smartest, most intricate arrangements ever.”. Their eighth studio album, released in the UK and internationally on 25 Septemberwas titled Belle and Sebastian Write About Love.

The first single from the album, as well as the record's title track " Write About Love ", was released in the US on 7 September Check out Write About Love (Amazon Exclusive) by Belle And Sebastian on Amazon Music.

Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Belle and Sebastian Write about Love (also known informally as Write about Love) is the eighth studio album by indie-pop group Belle and Sebastian released on 11 October The album is the second collaboration between Belle and Sebastian and Tony Hoffer, who produced their previous album, The.

A new Belle and Sebastian release is always something to cheer. So three new releases leads to the inevitable conclusion: three cheers! Here is the latest installment in a career that has always pursued a singular and delightful vision of what pop represents and what it can achieve, a career that has seen them triumph against the odds to win a Brit award, be one of the first bands to curate.

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Belle and sebastian write about love pitchfork record
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