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Caryl Phillips - Author

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‘The Lost Child’ by Caryl Phillips

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A View of the Empire at Sunset

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A positive rating based on 14 book reviews for A View of the Empire at Sunset by Caryl Phillips. Caryl Phillips proudly upholds her standards in this austere, evocative investigation of a life caught 'somewhere between colored and white.' It is a novel of acute psychological empathy and understanding.

The beauty of the language and the sweep of the narrative make this novel a moving and powerful experience for the reader. Caryl Phillips explores the abandonment and misery of slavery without indicting any of the participants above the rest.

The European Tribe

Caryl Phillips has done his research, the prose is authentic for the time, his work is based upon historical evidence (there is a recent dissertation that describes his historical influences).


Writing an Outpost of the British Empire: Caryl Phillips and Jean Rhys

In Crossing the River, Caryl Phillips explores African complicity in the transatlantic slave trade and white exploitation of the children of the African Diaspora in order to model how those who initiated and benefit from this history can take responsibility for their treatment of its victims, restore their humanity through representation, and celebrate their survival.

Caryl phillips review
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