Girl meets world riley becomes a nerd

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MELISSA P. HART ( girl meets world )

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Girl Meets Father/Transcript

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What happens when Riley is Lord Of Meadow Valley High and Maya comes. Rucas/Faya. (based off a new idea popper in my head) Maya becomes rebel of the school and has over 10, people who have a. Massage of Lust: Massage Class Secrets Part 1 (Riley/Maya, Girl Meets World) 5.

Massage of Lust: Massage Class Secrets Part 2 (Riley/Maya/Smackle, Girl Meets World) 6. Massage of Lust: A Sister’s Touch (Haley/Alex, Modern Family) 7.

Tags Fanfiction Romance Riley Josh Eva Maya Farkle Ev Cory Matthews Shawn Hunter Josh Matthews Girl Meets World Riley Matthews Maya Hart Lucas Friar Topanga Matthews Zay Babineaux Katy Hart Eva anxiously ran her fingers through her hair, studying her reflection in the mirror. Farkle Minkus is the pentagonist of Girl Meets is the son of Stuart Minkus and Jennifer Bassett from Boy Meets like his father, he is a genius and nerd.

Farkle is attached to and protective of both Riley Matthews and Maya Hart, and loves them equally. Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School hallway. Riley is watching a girl put makeup on.

Riley: Look at that ninth-grade woman! She's putting on Brings out your eyes. Aug 08,  · Riley becomes the queen of the nerdy group and enjoys it until she learns to be herself.

Meanwhile, Topanga is conflicted about her law firm working to shut down a local mom and pop bakery/10().

Girl meets world riley becomes a nerd
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