Good album covers to write about

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Someone Is Replacing Musicians With Cats In Famous Album Covers, And Result Is Better Than Original

For alliteration of this:. DIY 16 Cool Ideas For Homemade Mix CD Artwork. Mixes are easily the best gifts of all time, but even if yours SOUNDS perfect, here are some awesome ways to make it look perfect, too.

A good starting point when it comes to album cover design is to familiarise yourself with both the music and the artist(s) you are designing for.

A thorough understanding of the tone that the music is trying to achieve can make the design process a lot smoother. Dec 09,  · Album covers for Panic! at the Disco - Panic!

at the Disco Album Cover Gallery, Panic! at the Disco Albums List, Panic! at the Disco Album Cover Archive. Mankind has always been fascinated by two things: cultural differences, and butts. This week I'm going to study each of these things by examining the least white album covers of all time.

Good album art is arresting. It grabs your attention, pulls you in, and gets you asking questions. But bad album art gets you asking questions, too. Jul 17,  · Album covers for Belle & Sebastian - Belle & Sebastian Album Cover Gallery, Belle & Sebastian Albums List, Belle & Sebastian Album Cover Archive.

Good album covers to write about
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