Literature review of corporate social responsibility theories

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Importance of corporate social responsibility to societies

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Piercing the corporate veil

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Social license to operate

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Previous article in issue: Literature review of theory and research on the psychological impact of temporary employment: Towards a conceptual model Previous article in issue: Literature review of theory and research on the psychological impact of temporary. In the report “Review of Corporate Social Responsibility policies and actions in Mauritius and Rodrigues” in April Challenges for implementation of CSR Companies face challenges despite the available benefits from CSR.‟ which stated shareholders are „principals‟ who hire directors as their agents to manage corporations.

This study provides an extensive critical review of the theoretical perspectives applied on corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosure literature.

From a CSR standpoint we review and discuss. JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. Thus, this study was conducted with the aim of describing the corporate social responsibility in business, and investigating some concepts, models, and theories.

In so doing, the researcher studied and analyzed the relevant articles through surfing the scientific sites and available books.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), also known as corporate citizenship, responsible business, or sustainable responsible business is all but a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model where companies manage the business processes to produce an .

Literature review of corporate social responsibility theories
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Social License to Operate (SLO) - how to build it and keep it