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‘Seven Sundays’ review: Well-acted but frustratingly conventional

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All in the name of nationalism, some can do such things — a small theme in film today. Tanging Yaman (Philippines Movie); Tanging Yaman; Separated by both physical and emotional distance, siblings Danny, Art, and Grace settle a land dispute whilst.

Home. Write Review. There have been no reviews submitted. Be the first and write one. Recommendations. Add Recommendations. Choose and determine which version of Tanging Yaman chords and tabs by Misc Praise Songs you can play. Last updated on Aug 03,  · Tanging Yaman, written and directed by Laurice Guillen, take these two aspects of a typical Filipino family into an interwoven tale of greed, jealousy, rivalry and redemption.

This is a poignant film, perhaps trying too much to be very emotional, about three siblings who.

Meet the First Family in ‘Tanging Yaman’

Tanging Yaman Review. Sociology - Anthropology Simbahan, Kiel Charl P. September 14, IA Reaction Paper on the movie “Tanging Yaman” 1. How is the Filipino distinct culture like morals, values and tradition being highlighted in the movie?

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The movie “Tanging Yaman” encourages Filipino families to be grounded to the values that bind them as one. Moreover. We must do our best to mobilize and reunite such families for the patient’s sake for it would do wonders for his/her condition.

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In the same year, Laurice Guillen directed Tanging Yaman which is also about a reunion that has siblings squabbling over their inheritance while the family matriarch is wasting away. Screengrab.

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