Write about audio and video devices downloads

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How to Convert Video(MP4) to Audio(MP3) on Android?

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Whether you're just getting started with video, or are a seasoned pro, there are lots of great reasons to record your screen.

How to easily transcribe audio or video recordings into text (update)

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The option to create a CD or DVD will appear in the file manager as soon as. ‘Audio to video synchronization‘ is an extremely important aspect of a multimedia file, because when playing, multimedia players rely on it for properly synchronizing the audio and the video tracks.

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Download source files - Kb; Introduction. This article is a logical continuation of my article A low-level audio player in C# in which I presented an application that uses the waveout API in C# through Interop to play a WAV file in a continuous loop. This time I will explain how to create a framework for implementing audio effects and how to extend the basic player to use it.

Write about audio and video devices downloads
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