Write about red soil composition

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How I Plant Trees and Shrubs in Georgia’s Red Clay Soil

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Short essay on Red Soils

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Red soil is rich in iron oxide, but deficient in nitrogen and lime. Their chemical composition generally includes non-soluble material %, iron %, aluminium %, organic matter %.

Soil is a mixture of organic matter, minerals, gases, liquids, and organisms that together support life. Earth's body of soil is the pedosphere, which has four important functions: it is a medium for plant growth; it is a means of water storage, supply and purification; it is a modifier of Earth's atmosphere; it is a habitat for organisms; all of which, in turn, modify the soil.

Soil Minerals. Soil minerals play a vital role in soil fertility since mineral surfaces serve as potential sites for nutrient storage. However, different types of soil minerals hold and retain differing amounts of.

b. Soil Color. In well aerated soils, oxidized or ferric (Fe+3) iron compounds are responsible for the brown, yellow, and red colors you see in the soil.

Read this Essay on Soil: Classification, Profile, Composition and Soil Organism! The term ‘Soil’ has been derived from Latin word ‘Solum’ which means earthy material necessary for the growth of plants.

Write about red soil composition
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