Write article about someone with civic virtue

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What is civic virtue and what are some examples of it?

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Social capital

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A recent article entitled, "Ted Cruz: Confused About Cicero — What the Texas Republican misrepresents about treason and politics in the Roman Republic" by Jesse Weiner (Nov 21, 20) in The Atlantic magazine is of interest.

Civic virtue is the cultivation of habits important for the success of the community. Closely linked to the concept of citizenship, civic virtue is often conceived as the dedication of citizens to the common welfare of their community even at the cost of their individual interests.

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May 22,  · Best Answer: Civic virtue is the cultivation of habits of personal living that are claimed to be important for the success of the community. Important aspects of civic virtue include polite conversation, civilised behavour, industry and a bona fides approach to one's participation in horse-training-videos.com: Resolved.

Write article about someone with civic virtue
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